Get the scoop on the show and the brave commanders at the helm


Get the scoop on the show and the brave commanders at the helm

Take a ride that’s quicker than light…faster than time…to a world just like ours…but NOT!

There’s a dimension that exists a breath away from our own, undetected by those who live parallel to it. The mysteries of this strangely similar world have been lost for eons…until now. With wit, wonderment and some dubious technology, a ragtag group of explorers will brave an inter-dimensional journey to discover the fantastical realm in the beyond. Open your eyes a little wider, step out a little further and leap into an adventure comedy of your imagination.


“This was so much fun! Very well done, unique, funny, and enjoyable.”
– Melanie M.

“Fine family fun! This was a good time that is made better by everyone’s participation”
– Rachael W.

“It’s silly. It’s goofy. It’s so clever and it’s funny… At just over an hour, the fun is over quickly so play along, don’t care what anyone else thinks, use your imagination and go with the intergalactic flow!”
In Good Taste Denver

Pre-Mission Preparation and Training

To prepare for your journey, here are helpful tips that will ensure you are in tip-top shape for the adventure ahead. Transport yourself to the FAQs page for even more details.

Go Along For The Ride

Travelers of the Lost Dimension is not a passive performance like a show in a theatre. It’s a 360-degree experience where you are led through various public and private spaces, play games and become a part of the story. It puts your imagination to work so you can forget the world around you.

Bring Your Inner (or Actual) Child

Check your inhibitions at the door – your participation and playfulness is key to the experience. Travelers of the Lost Dimension is family-friendly and brave passengers ages 6 and up are encouraged to join the mission with adult supervision. Pro tip: enter code CHILD when purchasing to unlock $20 tickets for kids age 12 and under.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Because of the immersive nature of the mission, audiences will walk and stand for the majority of the performance. For some scenes, the show will take place in public areas, and in others you will get to visit exclusive spaces not available to the public.

Be On Time

The mission begins promptly at the time on your ticket. There is no late entry. If you don’t want the team to take off without you, please arrive early! Luckily, there is plenty to explore around Stanley while you wait.

Travel Light

As you move through spaces big and small, backpacks and purses will interfere with your experience and may annoy your fellow passengers. A coat check will be available to check your personal items before the experience begins, and we encourage you to travel light.

Tell Us Your Needs

This experience is wheelchair accessible, with room for 1-2 chairs per performance. Enhanced Assistive Listening Devices are available at all performances. Please see staff when you arrive. ASL and audio description services will be made available by request. To request these or other ADA services, please contact Patron Services at least 14 days prior to the performance you wish to attend.

Meet the minds behind the mission


An Off-Center show is like no other theatre experience—by design. Off-Center focuses more on connecting people and upending expectations than on adhering to tradition. If you leave the show thinking “I’ve never seen anything like it,” then Off-Center has done its job. We want you to lose yourself, to welcome surprise and to remember that life is better when you live it Off-Center. As the newest and most unconventional arm of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Off-Center made waves in summer 2016 with the sold-out hit Sweet & Lucky, the first large-scale immersive show in Denver.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the largest non-profit theatre organization in the nation, presenting Broadway tours and producing theatre, cabaret, musicals and innovative plays. The DCPA entertains and educates 1.2 million people each year, creating unforgettable shared experiences that are bold in vision yet universal in appeal.


Photo by From the Hip

This Denver-based comedy trio is known for their unique and “anarchically clever” brand of humor. They create spontaneous, good-natured comedy shows with a hint of mischievousness that stretch their audiences’ imaginations. A.C.E. pushes the limits of where and how a performance can be experienced and their contagious comedic style generates an irresistible urge to play along.

This international threesome (an American, a Canadian and an Englishman) was formed by commercial actors, Linda Klein, Barbara Gehring and Matthew Taylor in 1998 and quickly grabbed the attention of HBO during the US Comedy Arts Festival auditions that fall. Greatly encouraged by that response, they went on to create and perform over fifty unique theatrical productions (including the smash hit Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women®), travel the world and earn many accolades including Best of Denver and induction into the Colorado Improv Hall of Fame. The threesome has also produced a television pilot, released a comedy album and debuted on national television in “Across America.”

Linda Klein

Linda Klein is the co-creator of the hit show Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women which ran for two years at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and has played to thousands of women in productions across North America. Klein has been a cherished member of the Denver comedy scene since 1993 and one-third of A.C.E. for most of that time. She has created and performed over 50 original comedy productions and graced stages nationwide, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. She is also an active member of her local P.E.O. chapter and Montview Presbyterian Church. When not working she can be found traveling extensively, as the waterfalls of Iceland, the beaches in Rio and the busy streets of Hong Kong will all confirm. www.LindaKlein.com

Barbara Gehring

Barbara Gehring’s travels took her from her homeland of Canada to 3 years in Japan and finally to this dimension called the USA. Possessing a passion for performing from a young age, she knew early on she wanted to play for a living. She is the co-creator of the hit show Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women which is currently enjoying a national tour. Gehring’s professional career of over 20 years as an actor and playwright has run the gamut from stage to screen and commercial to voice work in Denver, Colorado. A veteran of improv, sketch comedy and theatre, she is also the proud Canadian member of the international comedy trio A.C.E. and has dazzled audiences nationally and worldwide with her energetic performances. When not performing on stage or on camera, she can be found playing in the sandbox of life with her children, Isabella and Gavin, and her travel companion for life, Paul. www.BarbaraGehring.com

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor, award-winning author, professional actor, storyteller and humorist has been entertaining audiences throughout the United States and internationally for the last 25 years. Transplanted to Colorado from the small sailing village of Itchenor, England, Matthew is a proud partner of the international comedy trio A.C.E.. His book Goat Lips: Tales of a Lapsed Englishman is an Amazon bestseller, and received the 2015 Independent Publishers Book Awards Gold Medal for Humor. Matthew has a long history of coaching storytelling, theatre and the art of improvisation. He formed Persuasion through Narrative in 2010 to teach communication skills through the use of narrative and has quickly gained a strong reputation as a speaker and business educator. Matthew loves to bike, ski, sail and is proud to be a husband to Susan and a father to Maitland and Alastair, who continually keep him on his toes and laughing constantly.

Travelers of the Lost Dimension Company

Diana Dresser

Adrian Egolf

Barbara Gehring

Linda Klein

Kimberly Kutt

Allison Learned

Leigh Miller

Bruce Montgomery

Matthew Taylor

Nanna Thompson

Justin Walvoord

Stage Managers

Rick Mireles

Paul Behrhorst